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Deshpande startups, 3D design Contest
3D design Contest

Date : May 10th 2020

Last date to apply : May 07th 2020

Model submission : May 15th 2020

Timeline for completing model : 05 days

Registration amount : Rs.100/- per team

Venue : Virtual

Contact details:
M: +91-951-331-5791

Event Description:

An initiative of “Yuva Entrepreneurship Program” of Deshpande Startups presents "3D Design Contest". It is an exciting opportunity for all Enthusiastic students to participate virtually and design solutions for socially impactful problem statements and witness propelling India’s true growth story. CAD designers from any year can participate in this 5 days contest.

Reasons why you should participate:

  • Get to be a part of vibrant community of 3D CAD Designers and build your network
  • Internship opportunities at Deshpande Startups
  • Unique chance to Meet and Network with exciting start-ups and team with high-enthuse CAD Designers
  • Win awards and recognition among CAD modelers
  • Inspire the younger generation by sharing your practical knowledge and nurture them in developing their skills, we are certain that giving back is as joyous as learning
  • Add real value to your resume with certification from Deshpande Startups

Winner will get access to:

  • 3 months free membership to access Makers Lab
  • Goodies
  • 3 printed prototypes
  • Participants certificates

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who knows CAD design software

Maximum 4



Preferably begin with Static Structural analysis and show that it has an optimum factor of safety, then go ahead with Dynamic Analysis. In certain cases, Thermal (Static/Transient) can also be done.

It's not at all a problem as it's only going to give you bonus points and isn't necessary, just be aware of the critical conditions in which your model might fail and you should be able to convincingly answer the judge the same. Also 'basic analysis' can be carried out 'manually, without any software' and the calculations can be shown in the presentation.

Yes, get your

  • Model in IGES/STEP format preferably
  • Drawings in .dwg or converted to .pdf
  • For the analysis carried out using software, get pictures and copy those into your PowerPoint file (.ppt); manual calculations can be neatly done, scanned and attached to the .ppt file too
  • Other photos if any u can get them as .jpg if you aren't uploading them in your .ppt file
  • Animation videos can be .mp4/.avi/.3gp and must preferably be linked to your .ppt
  • In case of files apart from .ppt a folder must be submitted well before time of your presentation through a pen drive to the organizers on the event day

We are located at

  Foundation For Sandboxstartup Initiatives, Next to International Airport, Gokul Road,
Opp. to Gokul Village, Hubballi, Karnataka, INDIA - 580030

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