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to achieve milestones by providing an ecosystem

Founders are driven by the passion to solve problems through startups, however, they need a supportive environment that brings together the resources required to enable their growth. While such supportive ecosystems are available in growing metro cities, founders hailing from Bharat (rural and semi-urban India) as well as aiming to impact Bharat lack these local supportive ecosystems.

Over the last decade, we have engaged deeply with people from Bharat, brought together different enablers and have supported founders to bring innovative solutions that have been creating impact for people. Our ecosystem has been built to offer founders with knowledge from experts, access to industry/market exposure, peer entrepreneur community, connects to enablers such as government, industries, funds and a world-class infrastructure made available to them.

The incubation program offers curated support for our founders supporting the needs of market exposure, knowledge, networks and access to opportunities at the right time. Founders who go through the program will be able to build their skills and abilities and accelerate the startup's growth to the market.

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offerings - Founder Focussed Learning Labs

Founder Focussed Learning Labs

  • The founders have access to curated learning labs that founders on founder growth, business model building, GTM approach, funding readiness, startup compliances, financial practices and more
offerings - Dedicated Mentor Support

Dedicated Mentor Support

  • Dedicated and personalized guidance from experienced industry mentors focusing on the founder and the startup journey
offerings - Workshops


  • Hands-on working sessions that enable founder with an increased access to right know-how in building their journey to market
offerings - Market Access

Market Access

  • Uniqueness is that a founder gets to develop solutions with their target customers in Bharat and brings early market exposure to ensure a problem-solution fit and traction among customers.
offerings - Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

  • Founders undergo extensive coaching to bring together all elements that make them attractive and qualify to raise funds through our networks.
offerings - I2P Labs

Idea to Prototype Labs

  • State of the art facilities for product development are made available to founders to convert their ideas into products with the latest equipment available at our Idea to Prototype labs.
offerings - Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

  • Access our growing community of peers who focus on bringing solutions to Bharat. Our community engagement activities and offerings enable founders to access resources post their program periods
offerings - Partnership offerings

Partnership offerings

  • Integrated offerings from our corporate partners such as AWS, Google for Startups, Zoho and more


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s is how it works:
Step 1: Apply for our Pitching contest.
Step 2: After submitting the application, please send your business deck to
Step 3: Applications will be evaluated and shortlisted by a committee of experts
Step 4: Shortlisted startups will be given the opportunity to pitch their business plan virtually in front of our panel.
Step 5: The results will be announced shortly after the pitch and selected startups will be onboarded to the program.

Yes, we do have. Click on the link to meet our mentors Click Here

We charge equity of 2% or an annual fee of Rs. 80,000/-

The incubation program supports startups for 12 months, founders will be able to access alumni benefits and leverage our ecosystem for the next 2 years period.

We charge nominal rent with all the amenities available, please visit our Co-working Space

For more details Click Here


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We are located at

  Foundation For Sandboxstartup Initiatives, Next to International Airport, Gokul Road,
Opp. to Gokul Village, Hubballi, Karnataka, INDIA - 580030

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