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An initiative of “Yuva Entrepreneurship Program” of Deshpande Startups present “Makeathon”, a platform for engineers and non-engineers, students and professionals to collaborate to build innovative solutions to challenging problems held at India’s Largest Incubation Center – The Deshpande Startups, next to Hubballi Airport.

“Makeathon” is an exciting opportunity for all creative thinkers to meet at one single platform, and develop Social Impact solutions and witness boosting India’s true growth story.

Applicants will have to build a product to solve one of our problem statements with your team and guidance from expertise mentors. Participants will get to learn about the product design process and pitching through the inspirational breaks and conversations with peers and industry professionals.


A problem statement is a concise description of an issue to be addressed or a condition to be improved upon. It identifies the gap between the current (problem) state and desired (goal) state of a process or product. Makers Makeathon problem statements will be revealed on the first day of the event. Problem statements will be targeting more than one sector.

Students from all different backgrounds are welcome to register. We believe that multidisciplinary teams can tackle problems from different angles, which may result in better quality product solutions.

Over the course of 3 days, you will work in teams of 4 to create a solution for one of the problem statements revealed at the opening ceremony of the Makers Makeathon. Teams will be formed on the 1st day of the event after the problem statements are announced. There is no registration fees for attending the launch of Makers Makeathon, but participants who wish to continue with the event have to pay a fee of 200 INR per participant. Only 25 product ideas will be shortlisted to continue for the event. Team formation time will be open after announcing the problem statements and will be closed on the second day. Teams need to be approved by mentors and be as multidisciplinary as possible. Participants will get badges showing their skills and areas of interests to make it easier to recognize talent to form teams.

Participants need to provide their own laptops. We will be providing the tools needed to operate the facilities available at Deshpande startups.
The facilities include: fully loaded Makers Lab, 3D Printers, IoT tools, electronic lab, CNC, laser cutting machine, carpentry tools, PCB design and printing and working space. Facilitators will be operating some of the machines to insure the safety of all the participants.

Potentially, any product that could solve any of the problem statements. The product could be hardware or software or a mix of both. Participants have the freedom to explore any technologies that may be used to solve a problem statement.

The Entree of the first day is for free, but individuals who choose to officially register for Makers Makeathon and continue with the event have to pay a registration fee of 200 INR.

  • Get to meet multidisciplinary people, Peer to Peer Learning
  • Practical Exposure to Technology/Hands on Learning
  • Platform for creative/innovative ideas or products
  • Opportunity to learn and utilize the makers lab for all kind of professionals and local community
  • Support ideation product startups in experimenting and building prototypes
  • Build prototypes much faster & reduce the product development cycle
  • Developing technical skills and building innovative ideas/products
  • Be a part of makers community ecosystem
  • For technology aspirants to gets hands-on experience on the latest industry machineries and quench their thrust of knowledge

We are located at

  Foundation For Sandboxstartup Initiatives, Next to International Airport, Gokul Road,
Opp. to Gokul Village, Hubballi, Karnataka, INDIA - 580030

Deshpande Startups


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