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Adequate exposure to markets or customers
significantly increases the success rate of Startups.

Startups’ main purpose is to provide solutions for unsolved problems or to provide better solutions than the ones that exist in the market. However, one of the biggest challenges of introducing a new product or solution is that it has not been tried or tested. Naturally, customers respond cautiously in embracing new innovation. Moreover, Startups often lack the capacity or network to knock on the doors of customers. Lack of access to customers or markets is one of the primary reasons Startups struggle, more so, in the case of Startups at growth stage.


Deshpande Startups recognises Market Access as a very important need for the success of Startups, irrespective of the stage of the Startups (Idea/PoC/MVP/Growth). Our 4 stage process, “ACER” (Assess, Create, Execute, Review) helps and assists Startups with preparedness & readiness to approach the market and breaking market barriers to get access to the market and customers.

Market Access Banner, Deshpande Startups
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