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Mentors will enrich your ideas, train you the current trends, navigate the right approach, help you in strategizing your business and also monitor your journey.

Dr. Gururaj Desh Deshpande, Founder, Mentors

Dr. Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande

JV Ramamurthy, Mentors

JV Ramamurthy

Dr. Sushil Vachani

Dr. Sushil Vachani

Phanindra Sama

Phanindra Sama

Mahesh Jadhav, Mentors

Mahesh Jadhav

Anil Kumar Muniswamy, Mentors

Anil Kumar Muniswamy

Jinesh Shah, Mentors

Jinesh Shah

Sharada Satrasala, Mentors

Sharada Satrasala

Rajiv Prakash, Mentors

Rajiv Prakash

Samir Kumar, Mentors

Samir Kumar

Anand K V, Mentors

Anand K V

Dr. Aravind Chinchure, Mentors

Dr. Aravind Chinchure

Vivek Pawar, Mentors

Vivek Pawar

	  					Ramanathan Narayan, Mentors

Ramanathan Narayan

Poyni Bhatt, Mentors

Poyni Bhatt

Raj Hirwani, Mentors

Raj Hirwani

Vivek Punekar, Mentors

Vivek Punekar

Rajendra Belgaumkar, Mentors

Rajendra Belgaumkar

Raj Melville, Mentors

Raj Melville

Shyam Vasudevarao, Mentors

Shyam Vasudevarao

Ram Subramanian, Mentors

Ram Subramanian

Shreyansh Singhal, Mentors

Shreyansh Singhal

Mohan Krishnan, Mentors

Mohan Krishnan

Medha Pawar, Mentors

Medha Pawar

Deepak Menon, Mentors

Deepak Menon

Rajesh Ranjan, Mentors

Rajesh Ranjan

Srikrishna Joshi, Mentors

Srikrishna Joshi

Vivek Nayak, Mentors

Vivek Nayak

V. K. Patil, Mentors

V. K. Patil

Murugan Kathirvel, Mentors

Murugan Kathirvel

Dominic Blakely, Mentors

Dominic Blakely

Prasad Patil, Mentors

Prasad Patil

Anand Kadakol, Mentors

Anand Kadakol

Sudhir Dodamani, Mentors

Sudhir Dodamani

D. A. Dodamani, Mentors

D. A. Dodamani

Ravindra Patwardhan, Mentors

Ravindra Patwardhan

Jignesh Upadhyay, Mentors

Jignesh Upadhyay

C. M. Patil, Mentors

C. M. Patil

Ravish Bhimani, Mentors

Ravish Bhimani

Rakesh Gupta, Mentors

Rakesh Gupta

Gautam Khot, Mentors

Gautam Khot

Himanshu Periwal, Mentors

Himanshu Periwal

Sasisekar Krish, Mentors

Sasisekar Krish

P N Nayak, Mentors

P N Nayak

B Gopala Krishnan, Mentors

B Gopala Krishnan

Amit Ray, Mentors

Amit Ray

Innus Khan, Mentors

Innus Khan

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