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Yuva Entrepreneurship program organizes workshops on the topics of IoT and Electronics, 3D Printing, Mechanical and Civil, Web and Android Development and Machine Learning. Placed in a tier-2 city Deshpande Startups provides world-class infrastructure for Entrepreneurs with creative environment to host a vibrant execution-based ecosystem.

IoT and Electronics:

IoT is bringing more and more things into the digital fold every day, which will likely make the IoT technology a very popular and demanding industry in the near future.

  • Arduino for Beginners: This workshop is mainly for the beginners introduces them to the amazing world of IoT and its fascinating applications.
    Students will get exposed to basics of programming and few hands-on projects. Interested School/College students who has basic electronic knowledge can attend this workshop.
  • Wireless with Arduino: Three days workshop specially designed for 3rd and final year engineering students. Apart from gaining practical skills on the Internet of Things Technology, by attending this workshop participants will learn about the Advance Arduino Programming, In-depth Hardware, Interfacing with Arduino (GSM, GPS, BLE, Wi-Fi), Embedded C, etc.
  • Embedded Coding: Three days’ workshop conducted for engineering students takes a holistic view of the embedded coding focusing on Basics of C, Coding AT Mega 328 using embedded C and a few hands-on-projects.
  • Explorer STM 32: A one-day workshop conducted for Engineering students focuses on Basics of STM 32 and Arm.


  • Get hands in with Arduino and few other components virtually
  • Get basic knowledge and enhance your skills on Arduino
  • E-certificates for all participants
Yuva Entrepreneurship program, workshop, IoT and Electronics

Web and Android Development:

The Web and Android Application Development Workshop provides participants technical training on the concepts and programming methodologies needed to develop applications for mobile devices or websites.

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is the study of getting computers act without being explicitly programmed. Participants attending this workshop can learn about tomorrow's technology.

Yuva Entrepreneurship program, Workshops, web, android and machine learning

We are located at

  Foundation For Sandboxstartup Initiatives, Next to International Airport, Gokul Road,
Opp. to Gokul Village, Hubballi, Karnataka, INDIA - 580030

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